Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Sundays have become the hardest days for me to fill. Sometimes I have plans with my friends, but usually not. Sundays were always our day to hang out and relax. We’d sleep in and get coffee and donuts. We’d go to the grocery store and make dinner. We’d go for a walk if it was nice out or sit and watch TV in your apartment. It was so relaxing, and spending a quiet day with you made me feel special.

Now I have to fill those Sundays on my own. They get lonely.

This morning I woke up with nothing to do. Literally no plans. I decided that I’d bake something. Now that it’s fall, it’s pumpkin season, so I decided to make some chocolate chip pumpkin bread. I found a pretty simple recipe, went to the store, came back home and got to baking.

The pumpkin bread turned out really well. The chocolate chips gave it a nice sweetness that complimented the smooth and fluffy pumpkin loaf. It was an easy recipe, though, and only took about an hour to mix, bake and let cool. When I had finished, it was one and I still had nothing to do. So I decided to go for a long run.

(Full disclosure, I had seen one of your Facebook posts from earlier in the day, commenting on just how beautiful a day it was and how you wanted to go for a walk in the park. That might have swayed my decision to go for a run, though I knew I had absolutely no chance of running into you. It was a good idea, and I needed to get my run in for the day anyways, so I set out for Central Park.)

I ended up running for thirteen miles. I’ve never done that much without stopping before. But I was really in the zone. Sunday afternoon is the best day to run through the park. There are a ton of people around, the trees lining the drive look amazing and shade the road to create this awesome light. You almost feel like you’ve escaped the city and are out in the country, all the noise and traffic far away.

After my run I walked back through the park. There’s this huge grassy knoll on the east side. I’ve never sat there before, but it looked so cool and inviting. I left the paved path and went out into the grass and collapsed.

The ground felt so cool against my back, and comfortable, like sitting on a cushion. We don’t get many bugs in New York City grass, which is a godsend. I laid back and stared up at the blue, cloudless sky. All I could see was light blue, no buildings to frame the image, no planes flying over and breaking up the view, just an endless canvas of unobstructed sky.

It was relaxing out there on the grass, music playing in my ears as I stared up and daydreamed. I wished I could have gone on that walk with you and we could have sprawled out in the grass and shared that amazingly peaceful moment.

I know it’s silly to still want that. But you were always my go-to for a relaxing Sunday.  Now, I just have a lot of me time. Too much of it.


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