Monday, September 30th, 2013

Shit. I really fucked up at work today.

I forgot to flag a task from my boss and it got buried under all of my other email last week. It’s crazy how easily you can fuck things up. You forget to click a button or run the wrong time period for a report. It sucks that it’s so easy to screw up but so hard to keep everything on track. Luckily I was organizing my inbox this morning, or I might have forgotten about the email completely. It wouldn’t be so bad, except there was a deadline on this one. Today.

Thankfully my boss also forgot about it, so I was able to talk to him and scramble to pull together the report. I think it’s going to turn out alright now, but I don’t like showing incompetence. And I’m pissed at myself. I’m usually a good worker. I can multi-task with the best of them. But today, I guess not so much. We all have our missteps.

The problem is I feel even worse because I spent part of the morning watching clips from Tina Fey hosting SNL. (Not too long. Only like fifteen minutes while I ate my breakfast at my desk. But did you see SNL’s Girls parody? It was hysterical and spot on. I’ve watched the clip like four times now. My favorite part is the way Kate McKinnon as Jessa says “chic.”)

Now it’s back to work. I’m grabbing a quick lunch and jumping back in. I don’t have time to waste now that I’ve had to divert an hour to pull together that report I should have done a week ago.

I hope your Monday started out better. I miss our gChat check-ins. I miss hearing from you, even about the most mundane work stuff.


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