Saturday, September 28th

I watched an Oklahoma State football game today. Well, more of hate-watched it.

(This hate-watching doesn’t reflect my feelings towards you, it’s just the easiest way to describe my reasons for watching. I wasn’t there specifically to root against your team, but to support my girl friend Kristen’s team. She went to West Virginia. Your alma maters were playing each other. But don’t think this was a spur of the moment thing. Right after you’d broken up with me, I’d made plans to watch the game with her, knowing your two schools would play eventually since they’re in the same conference. Back then, I probably would have really been hate-watching, savoring each interception and sack. Whereas now, I’m really just watching to have an excuse to hang out with some friends, watch some good football and load up on wings and beer.)

Oklahoma State is ranked and supposed to destroy West Virginia, so my expectations weren’t high going into the game. But with football you never know what’s going to happen. That’s why they have to play every game.

This was the first OSU game that I’ve seen in over a year. You were a big fan, it being your alma mater and all, but not rabid. Not like your roommate. You didn’t have to watch every weekend. You did take me to watch a game once, thought. The opener last year.

As with most big schools, there’s a designated Oklahoma State sports bar in New York City. Brother Jimmy’s shows some of my college’s gams (not that they’re worth watching). You former-Cowboys had the Stillwater bar down in the East Village. That’s where we went to watch the game with your roommate Tyler, a die-hard fan (die-hard in that he physically yells at computer and TV screens when the Cowboys aren’t winning and bangs loudly on tables) who really does bleed orange, as well as your friend Aaron. Fortunately, Aaron also did not go to Oklahoma State, so I wasn’t the only non-alum in attendance.

That day I watched with you, Oklahoma State played against Savannah State, a team that didn’t stand a chance. You all trounced them eighty-four to nothing. We ate fried bar food and drank this citrusy cocktail that you said was a staple in Stillwater. I can’t think of the name of it and my exhaustive internet search has come up with nothing. But you know what I’m talking about. It was good, if a bit too sweet. It was really lime-y and kind of the consistency of a slushy. Apparently it’s the big drink in Oklahoma State on game days, though.

You also taught me all the Oklahoma State fan rituals and fight song. I had a field day waving my arms in the air (performing the waving wheat) for every first down. Though it took me a solid fifteen first downs to get it right.

We never went back after that first game. Like I said, you’re a fan but not die-hard like your roommate Tyler. I imagine you weren’t watching the game today, though. It was at noon and you don’t have cable at your apartment. I’m sure you slept through most of it. But you might have heard Tyler watching it. I imagine there was a lot of screaming at the computer screen. And he might even have broken something in your apartment because it wasn’t pretty for Cowboys fans.

West Virginia ended up pulling off a huge upset, winning 30-21. Kristen could hardly contain herself. OSU was ranked #11 in the country and WVU wasn’t supposed to stand a chance. It was a great win! And great fun to watch.

I’m not going to lie: it felt good to see Oklahoma State lose. And even better that it came at the hands of my good friend’s alma mater. Better luck next year.


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