Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Did you see? They cast Patina Miller as Commander Paylor in Mockingjay. Meaning, she’s the leader of the rebel forces. She’s going to become the President of Panem! (If the movies stick to the books, that is.) Could they have picked a fiercer woman? Those arms alone could fell the entire Capitol army, President Snow included.

Remember when you took me to see Pippin? Even from the balcony, I could see every sculpted sinew of Patina’s arms. Biceps. Triceps. Delts. All of it so firm and strong. I swear her arms are bigger than mine. (Not as big as yours, but then you actually lift weights and do push-ups and all that stuff.) The show was so good. And she was phenomenal. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. They did that dance number and it mesmerized me to no end. The Fosse movements, each sharp and accurate jab of an arm or a leg, the sly smoothness of it all. Breathtaking. I was so happy when she won the Tony. We walked out of that show both thinking the absurd — that it had been better than The Book of Mormon. And it was. At least for my money.

I so badly wanted to see it again, before Patina Miller leaves. I had wanted to see it again with you. But I also wanted to wait for my parents to come into town. Tickets got expensive after it won so many Tonys, and they would have paid or it.

But you broke up with me before they came. They’re here the first week of October. It seems crazy that it’s so soon. We’re going to see Matilda instead. Another of the season’s best musicals. And my brother’s coming, too. He hasn’t been up here since 2011, back when I was dating my ex- before you.

You met my parents last year when they anever got to meet my brother. And I guess now you never will. That’s kind of a shame. He’s a good guy. Absolutely nothing like me. But I think you would have liked him. He’s kind and quiet. Thoughtful.


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