Friday, August 23rd, 2013

I went to the beach today. I was so spontaneous. I literally made the decision at midnight last night. At kickball Kristen was asking around, seeing if anyone wanted to go with her. I had the day off (summer Fridays rock!) so I made the spur of the moment decision to say yes.

Are you proud? Or at least surprised? I’m a planner. I don’t like last minute decisions. I’m trying to change that, though.

I met Kristen this morning at Penn Station and we headed out to Long Beach. I got excited when the ocean came into view. I don’t think I’ve been to the beach at all this summer.

I had on my little pink and white striped suit. It was so cute, and I was looking pretty thin that day. (I’ve run like three days this week.)  I also had on my great, straw Penguin (the clothing brand, not the animal) hat. I love that thing. And it frames my face nicely. I was blessed with a good head for hats.

Kristen and I set up our beach towel on the sand and plopped down with our books. It was so relaxing, not too hot a day for the beach but also not too chilly.

We read for a while and chatted. It was great to have a girls-day-out kind of thing. I went for a walk and saw some super attractive lifeguards. All straight, unfortunately. But at least I could appreciate their good looks (mostly their ridiculous bodies) without feeling guilty. I am single now, whether I like it or not. When I got back from my walk, Kristen had the best surprise for me.

A foursome had set up camp near us while I was away. Two guys and two girls. Two couples, I figured. Nothing special until I noticed that one of the guys was maybe the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen. I would call him the most attractive man, but he didn’t have that adult, masculine look that would make him a man. He didn’t have the weathered appearance of someone who’s lived through a few decades. He didn’t have the dark stubble or the beginning-to-form wrinkles of a man. Instead, he was the epitome of youth. And not like gross Twink youth. He was mid-twenties youth. Powerful, sexy, immortal. He looked twenty-four or twenty-five. I didn’t see hair anywhere on his body except for on top of his head. And there, it was this lush dark brown, put up in a messy coif, perfect for a beach day. And his muscles…oh my god, his muscles. I had to pinch myself to remember that I was at the beach and not in some museum. His abs looked like they’d been chiseled from marble. His biceps – spectacular. His pecs – immaculate. He had on this amazing pair of trunks, this cool black and neon stripped pattern. And they fit him perfectly, coming only midway down his quads, that cut that confident straight men and bro-y gay men seem to gravitate towards.

He was hot. And straight. But that didn’t keep me from enjoying the view. The beach an ideal place to snoop on people considering everyone’s wearing sunglasses and can’t see where you’re looking. Kristen and I kept sneaking glances at him, trying to take pictures with him in the background. I felt like a teenager again, so silly.

Eventually we took a break from laying out and boy watching to get some lunch. We figured we’d just walk up to the boardwalk and get something there. I asked Kristen whether or not I needed to put on a shirt. She told me no, so I didn’t. I did throw on a pair of shorts over my tiny trunks, but that was it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that when Kristen had said the boardwalk, she actually meant the town’s main street. I was envisioning we’d eat at some little sandwich shack or like a beachy bar and grill. Those didn’t exist on this street. We had walked to where we’d gotten off the train, cars whizzing by in both directions. I was getting nervous. Every restaurant had a sign proclaiming shirts and shoes were required. My shirt was back on the beach, so that was going to be a problem.

Finally we picked a burger place and Kristen disappeared inside to order our food. We’d have to eat back at the beach, which was fine with me. More time for “most attractive guy ever” ogling. But while Kristen ordered, I had to wait outside by myself.

I felt like such a pariah, standing there on the corner, half-naked. A train pulled into the station and bunches of people began walking by me towards the beach. I felt like a prostitute hanging out on that corner, and a cheap one at that. Only cheap prostitutes work during the day, and on such a sad street in Long Beach.

Eventually Kristen came out with our food and we walked back to the beach, munching on fries as we went. Turns out that eating burgers on a beach blanket gets really messy. But it was an amazing day. I felt good about the spontaneity. I should do this more often.

Like I said, I’m trying to change.


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